ave you ever stopped to think about how the internet has revolutionized our lives? This technology has undergone several transformations since it was invented and today we do virtually everything for it. From buying some product, to performing our working hours.

The internet has been among us much longer than people realize and I’m sure you’ve hardly stopped to analyze the amount of benefits and functionality it brings to our day to day. It was in the 1990s that the internet began to become popular in our country and since then a lot has changed.

Stopping to analyze and reflect these facts, we list the greatest features and facilities that the internet has brought us in the last 15 years. Are we going to do this?

Reunion of family and friends

Those who do not have a friend or distant relative who has lost contact or feel like meeting again. Yes, this is very common and often distance does not allow this to happen.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet and social networks, we can connect to our friends and loved ones by the phone screen. It goes for everything, whether for a friend who went to do an exchange outside the country, or even to that uncle who went to live in another state. It is enough that the two people have a good internet connection to begin the interaction.

Examples of social networks possible to make this contact between people are Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Meet, Zoom and many others.


Today, all newspapers have their versions and notebooks online, which often have as their biggest source of traffic, social networks. It’s amazing how the internet has changed the journalist’s work and affected the way people consume information.

To be informed, just open the main networks, especially Twitter, which offers real-time news. However, it is dangerous, given the amount of misinformation and fake news that exist in these media.

Remember, always be informed through the profiles and official pages of the main media outlets in Brazil


If this practice was already common a few years ago, after the pandemic it became banal, since many people do not even go shopping in markets, pharmacies, much less frequent shopping malls.

The convenience of buying your favorite products using your mobile phone and the sofa in your home is priceless. This made a revolution among major retailers, which lost a slice of the market to businesses and stores and e-commerces like Shopee and Mercado Livre.

In the past, there was some suspicion regarding the credibility of these sites in the 2000s, scams and the like were very common, something that although today is still imminent, decreased severely, thanks to the number of information that exists on the subject.


Remember when you had to buy discs and CDs to listen to your favorite songs? Or book your favorite tape and DVD at the video store to watch on your device? Yes, the internet has made it practically non-existent today, making these artifacts used only by collectors and nostalians.

Today you can access all the songs in the world through a touch and incredible collections of movies and series. All this is further proof of how important and fundamental it is to have internet for our fun.

As if that wasn’t enough, the internet also gives us access to a multitude of super interesting games, for all tastes and ages. You can even have access to games considered more evolved

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