Did you know that Bitcoin is in Guinness? That’s that!

Not only Bitcoin, but Guinness World Records has now categorized and classified various events related to the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain industry. You know what Guinness we’re talking about, right?

About Guinness and why it’s important

The Guinness World Records, formerly known as the Guinness Book of Records in Portuguese, is an annual edict published by the Jim Pattison Group that contains a collection of internationally recognized records and superlatives.

The Guinness Book was born out of a 1951 discussion between Sir Hugh Beaver, director of the traditional Guinness brewery, and friends taking part in a hunt in Ireland: would the tarambola (a species known in Brazil as the washer or blowtorch) be the fastest hunting bird in Europe? Three years later, the issue still caused controversy in the group. Some argued that another bird, the tetraz, would be faster. That’s when Beaver came to the conclusion that controversies like that could be happening daily in Britain’s pubs and that a book that would untie the disputes would be invaluable. (SPINA, Marcelo. Posted in Superinteressante, 2017)

Since then, the book has been a source of credibility to resolve once and for all the record-breaking discussions that often take place at bar tables. With cryptocurrencies increasingly present in discussions like these, nothing more fair than the topic gaining space in the edict, consolidating some great achievements and relevant events of the segment.

Bitcoin no Guinness

When searching for the keyword “Bitcoin” in Guinness World Records, we found 23 results. Among them:

First decentralized cryptocurrency;

First blockchain;

Older cryptocurrency;

Most valuable cryptocurrency;

First NFT;

Increased bitcoin fraud;

First bitcoin trading transaction;

First bitcoin transaction;

First Minecraft server with savings in bitcoin;

First country to adopt bitcoin as legal currency;

First cryptocurrency exchange;

Largest cryptocurrency hack;

First confiscation of cryptocurrencies;

Highest prize in cryptocurrencies received in an online poker tournament;

Most expensive NFT art;

NFT of more expensive sports club;

Greater cryptocurrency confiscation.

The pages bring historical details and news about bitcoin-related events, or that have BTC involved in some way.

All this shows the great relevance that the first cryptocurrency, as well as its entire ecosystem, is gaining among several traditional media. Evidencing that more and more people and businesses need to adapt to the new reality, learning about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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