Did you know that in the very near future, humanity will spend at least an hour of every day accessing virtual reality? Yes, there is a place where you can already play, have fun, meet friends, shop and many more. This environment is called metaverse and is revolutionizing the way people relate to each other.

This immersive environment, it seems, will be the next great technology to be used by humanity and of course everything will be adequately adaado for the moment of society in which we live.

To get an idea of the market expansion that is about to come within this virtual world, by 2026, 30% of companies around the world will be within the metaverse, acting with relevance within this world in which Virtual Reality is completely prevalent.

Another point that makes entrepreneurs extremely happy with what may be to come, is the quality of the workforce that will be offered by the metaverse service providers, able to meet all the market expectation around this new world being realized.

But rest assured, ordinary workers specialized in other areas of activity will also be able to work in the field of the metamundo, since functions and positions can be adapted within this environment.

The most impressive of all this, is that there are already people hired and specialized to make the transition between normal and formal work within an institution, agency or company, for the service provided to these same contractors, but within the metaverse.

Well, now that you’re on top of everything that should occur in the coming years within the market, let’s list the 3 professions that promise to swing the metaverse in the very, very brief future.

Software developer

Website and application systems are extremely requested in the technological world we live in. Now imagine the importance of these professionals within the metaverse, since they are responsible for accomplishing and building everything that involves the worlds of virtual reality.

The different component spaces of the metaverse will surely pass into the hands of these people who will be considered the great saviors within the new world that is being created.

But the software developer profession can go much further, as they can be reasised for interesting functions such as programming in Unity, which consists of a three-dimensional software that is widely used to create the most diverse types of games from around the world.

Salárial range: 4,850 (junior) and US$ 18,050 (senior),

Hardware Developer

While the software expert develops technologies specialized in websites and applications, the hardware professional will focus on all issues involving physical systems in the metaverse.

The products that will be most sought after to be used on the platform are appliances, clothing, glasses, sensors and accessories in general.

Salary range: US$ 12,000 and US$ 18,000

Data scientist

In times of waves of misinformation and fake news, any and all true data is extremely relevant, isn’t it? In science it is no different, since the whole process assists in the initiative of the companies’ businesses and of course, in the general interpretation of the data.

This is also very important for the algorithm system, since all data that passes through the metamundo is stored by this system, which distributes to companies that perform online ads through Google.

Salary range: US$ 13,100 (junior) andUS$ 21,950 (senior)

Of course there are many other professions within this market, also of extremely high importance, but currently, these are the ones that have the most assured and established future in the next 5 years of metaverse.

For you, how are things going to work in the Meta world? Do you think we might have new quirks? Share this article with someone you know to learn their opinion on the topic.

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