With the trend of notebooks, many people end up leaving the desktop PCs aside, either by the space it occupies, or by the difficulty that is in moving the hardware of the site. Despite these cons, you need to know that even today it is an excellent option, especially for users looking for the much dreamed cost-benefit.

They still maintain their place guaranteed within the computer market, since they are great for performing everyday tasks and especially for offices, being the darling of companies even with the proliferation of laptops around the world.

The explanation for the so much efficiency of our beloved desktops lies in the robust construction of the device and its components and the quality of SSDs and graphics cards, making gamers, designers and video editors opt for this segment of computers.

The reasons for investing in desktop PCs are diverse, even if you’re not an expert and want to only make basic financial control spreadsheets, or even watch videos on YouTube. To prove to you that there is no shortage of reasons to purchase your desktop, we will present the most effective models on the market when it comes to functionality and affordable price. Are we going to do this?

Apple iMac All in One

Who doesn’t love Apple, right? The computer is extremely compact with an efficiency of envying competitors in the category, especially in daily tasks.

The benefits do not stop there, since the piece also stands out for the differentiated and modern design compared to other brands and models.

The computer monitor is so thin that it impresses even people already accustomed to this type of device.

Not only beauty lives the iMac All In One, since its powerful Apple M1 processor provides excellent operation and makes the PC enter the hall of best computers of the year, without a doubt.

Dell XPS 8940 A20As common when it comes to design, this Dell model can be highlighted for its robust construction and the little space it takes on the desk or office you’re in.

It has efficiency to run programs and even games simultaneously, surprising users’ expectations, mainly for their low market value.

The machine processor is the infamous Inter Core in its 10th generation, with a video card considered intermediate-level, plus great 256 GB SSD storage.

The model comes equipped with the newly released Windows 11.

Intel Core i7

Computer kits are often criticized by experts, mainly for the fact that the focus of this type of sale is precisely to sell everything for a really attractive price to the end consumer, leaving aside the quality and longevity of the product.

The Inter Core i7 is no longer one of these, because it offers really interesting functionality, construction and operating system and with great benefits for users.

One of the advantages of this attractive desktop computer, is that it can get even better, since it has free slots for those who are interested in making improvements in the operation of the PC.

Workstation Lenovo P348 i7

Finishing our top 4 masterfully, we have the Lenovo P348 i7 Workstation, which is one of the safest and most efficient options on the market, with graphics that include the most advanced generation available on the market.

For the curious on duty, it has easy accessibility to internal spaces, thus being able to expand all the capacity of functionality and allowing the user to upgrade the machine.

Were you in doubt? So do a lot of research before making your purchase, so you don’t regret it later.

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